• Optional Customizable Graphic Wraps on all 3 sides.
  • Optional Credit Card Reader.
  • Remote monitoring / tracking of inventory & sales.
  • Guaranteed delivery system.
  • Vandal proof flap doors.
  • Double pane glass.
  • Pull out and tip down shelves for easily loading.
  • Removal cooling deck.
  • Dual coils.
  • Vends a huge variety of snack / deli items / drinks.
  • Fully refrigerated to accommodate cold entrees.
  • Larger coils to accommodate larger food items.
  • User-friendly.

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Duravend 5C Snack

The DVS Duravend 5C Combo Vending Machine is a 5-wide, stylish, combo vending machine which features 30 different drink selections and 20 different food selections.  It packs the most product into one combo machine. Unlike many combo vending machines on the market, this machine is fully refrigerated so you can vend cold food along with your standard candy bars, chips, and other snacks.


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